Shadow Pads

Shadow Pads

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Shadow Pads are the response pads of choice at 

  • They are long lasting compared to most other pads
  • They have the perfect amount of grip for tight binds
  • They are clear, so the anodizing of the yoyo shows through, making them match any yoyo

Shadow Pads come in 2 levels of grip. Regular Shadow Pads are perfect for most yoyos and will give you tight and satisfying binds. Xtra Grippy pads are designed for yoyos with more extreme rim weight, like bi-metals.

Extremely rim-weighted yoyos require a little more grip from the response pads before they will start to return, so we developed Xtra Grippy Shadow Pads to meet this need. Of course, if you like that extra bit of snappiness on your binds, you can feel free to put Xtra Grippy Shadow Pads in any yoyo you like.

Shadows Pads are 19mm yoyo response pads that fit most yoyos and comes stock in most Throwback YoYos.

Shadow Pads come as a pair - so you will receive 2 pads per pack.

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