Dawn (D3)

Dawn (D3)

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The Dawn is the 3rd in the D-series of looping yo-yos from MagicYoYo (hence the D3 reference).

The Dawn has gone through several revisions since it's original inception in 2019, and as a result uses a new 'rotary locking design' - this means the nut rotates with the yo-yo half (to a certain extent) to help reduce cranking/overtightening, and helps keep a consistent level of play even if the yo-yo is knocked/bumped.

Check out Asia Pacific 2A Champion Yi Chenghao in action with the Dawn!


Diameter: 59.0 mm
Width: 36.0 mm
Weight: 53.0 grams
Response System: Starburst
Bearing: 4x8x3 Flat
Material: Plastic
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