Beginners : 9 - 12 Years Old

For older children - there's some great options available that will cater to different needs.

Now this maybe a bit of a biased view - but one of our best recommendations would be our very own - YoYoVillage Tornado


So firstly this yo-yo is responsive AND features a ball-bearing for extra long spins, which already is great for beginners. What makes this yo-yo EXTRA special is that it features 'hub-stacks' - these are hubs that spin independently of the yo-yo itself:

 As a result, you can do what's referred to as a 'Pull Start' meaning you can get the yo-yo spinning without even having to throw the yo-yo! This is not only a fun alternative, it makes it MUCH less frustrating for children (and adults alike) who are struggling to master the Sleeper. 

We've created a short video over on TikTok showing you how to perform the pull start, which can be found below: 

@yoyovillage How to perform a Pull Start on the YoYoVillage Tornado YoYo #yoyo #fun #yoyotricks #tiktokmademebuyit #smallbusiness ♬ Chill Vibes - Tollan Kim

On top of all of that - the Tornado comes with a whole host of accessories included - including an upgrade bearing kit! This means that, as your skills advance, you can swap out the pre-installed responsive bearing for an unresponsive bearing, allowing the yo-yo to spin longer and perform much more complex tricks WITHOUT having to purchase an additional yo-yo.


What Other Options Are There?

Although our own Tornado is our personal favourite - there are some fantastic alternatives as well which we've outlined below:

Arrow by YoYoFactory

The Arrow is one of our most popular models that we sell - and for good reason. As with the Tornado - the Arrow comes stock with a thinner, responsive bearing BUT also has an upgradable PRO bearing included in the packaging, so that it can progress with your skills from Responsive to Unresponsive play.

It also features a metal cup on it's axle hub - this is designed to make learning 'Finger Spin' style tricks (like the DNA) much, much easier to learn and perform. The Arrow's profile is also quite angular, which is a popular shape for competition - meaning the Arrow will allow you to easily progress into more competition orientated yo-yos when you're ready.

K2 'Crystal' - by MagicYoYo

The K2 is the sequel to the super popular K1 that the Tornado is based on, however the K2 takes a different shape to it's predecessor - and also has a fingerspin cup just like the Arrow


 Looking at the Crystal from it's profile view - you can also see it has a slightly different shape to other beginner yo-yos. The K2 embrases the 'H-Shape' which hlends itself to a more stable throw when first learning, which is ideal. The K2 can also be upgraded with a bearing to become Unresponsive - however please check the version when purchasing, as some will be Responsive by default, some will be Unresponsive, and some options will have the upgrade kits with both bearings included.

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