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    The Magpie is the new Monometal from...

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  • The Spinstar is back! With a complete redesign! An incredible entry level yo-yo, no set-up required, just put the string on your finger and away you go! Perfect response for beginners, with enough spin to handle intermediate and even advanced tricks. It's winged profile lends it well to learning string tricks and is our personal recommendation to any new...

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  • The OVERTHROW is inspired by a great era in yo-yo design where yoyos were big, powerful and loaded with rim weight. The Overthrow features more than 50% of its total weight in the Aluminum rims which are connected to the hub by a thin wall of ultra strong polycarbonate. Once in the middle a solid metal core sets up the precision and creates ultimately a...

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  • The sequel to the Flight - the Airwave offers a much wider profile, with it's weight more centrally centred. Taking on a similar shape to some of the more high-end Offstring offerings, the Airwave accomodates much more advanced 4A moves, from open binds, to regends fingerspins, whilest still being a great choice for beginners as well

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Showing 46 - 48 of 48 items