About us

Our company

Yoyo Village is the brain child of multiple time UK National Yo-Yo Champion, Luke Roberts.

With over 15 years of experience competing, performing and teaching, Luke had always wanted to open his own store someday.

In late 2014 Luke had been approached by Richie Windsor - owner of the famous yoyoz.co.uk store and forum - who revealed he had decided to close after many, many years of excellent service and support to the UK and European community, and wanted to know if Luke was interested in carrying on the legacy of the UK Players Forum and also an opportunity to start up a store, which of course Luke jumped at the change.

In January 2015, the gates of the Yoyo Village finally opened to the public.

Luke wanted the look of the store to reflect part of himself - being a huge cartoon fan he wanted the store to be colourful, animated and family friendly.

One day Luke hopes to open his own physical store and do what he loves best - spreading the fun and joy of yo-yo.