sOMEThING is a high-end yo-yo brand from Japan, owned and operated by multiple National, Asian and World Champion - Hiroyuki Suzuki.

Hiroyuki's life-long passion for yo-yoing is reflected in the outstanding, high quality products that his company creates. Including some of the best Offstring and Looping yo-yos on the market.

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  • The Addiction is an all plastic body with machined aluminium weight rings which provide fantastic rim weight. Featuring a curved V shape for fantastic speed play, this yo-yo is a force to be reckoned with, and is of the higest quality - just like you would expect from sOMEThING.

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  • The LP has quickly become a staple yo-yo for high level 2-handed play.This revised version features an improved gap width that's been finely tuned- delivering excellent sleep times while also still being responsive. The re-designed body that prevents the gap width changing when the yo-yos collide. A must have yo-yo for any keen looping fan and those...

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  • Master Offstring makers Japan Technology have teamed up with sOMEThING to create one truly fantastic 4A yo-yo, the Jetset EG! Combining the shape to the popular Jetset EC, with the inner cup ring from the JT Eagle series. Increasing both stability and spin time, along with the already fantastic performance of the EC, makes this a 4A force to be reckoned...

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Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items