The iYoYo brand comes straight out of Germany courtesy of multiple National and European Champion Dave Geigle!

Producers of the iYoyo, iYoyo2 and iYoyo2 Pro!

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  • SUNRiSE is based on Loop 720's shape with custom, YYJ-sized Bearing and spacers. The play is super controllable, slightly "bouncy" at the end of the string, much faster than you'd expect and does spin great. Remniscent of the old YoYoJam Sunset Trajectory - this yo-yo is a fantastic throw back to a sorely missed looping yo-yo, and will be a staple looper...

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  • iYoYo have updated their flagship model - the iCEBERG - to have a widened profile by almost 4mm. Not only does this increase the catch zone, it brings it more inline with the current preference to wider yo-yos. The machined polycarbonate body gives it a smooth feel on the string, along with stainless steel rims - offering maximum speed and stability.

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Showing 10 - 11 of 11 items