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  • If you've mastered the basics on your Classic and are ready to take the next step into Intermediate to Advanced play, then grab yourself a Classic Upgrade Kit! This kit comes with a replacement Large Size C Bearing and a pair of YoyoJam Silicone O-Rings This makes your Classic unresponsive, spin longer, and ready for the next level!

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  • Sochi Company's offering for your Yo-Yo response pad needs. Available in 4 types: - Normal (Type 1) - Extra (Type 1.5) - Extra Plus (Type 2) - CLYW (for your CLYW and A-RT throws) Type 1.5 is thicker than Type 1, and Type 2 is Thicker than Type 1.5Unsure what to choose? Check out the Pad sample pack where you get 1 pair of each pad type!

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Showing 10 - 11 of 11 items