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A Chinese yo-yo manufacturer, producing good quality metal yo-yos at bargain prices.

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  • MagicYoYo's Crystal offers a truly versatile yo-yo. The RESPONSIVE responsive version is a fantastic entry level throw for the beginner player, featuring long spins and a comfortable design. The UNRESPONSIVE version handles like a high performance plastic - complete with fingerspin cup for mastering one of the coolest tricks! This pack comes complete with...

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  • The MagicYoYo 'YoStyle' Bag features a sturdy, compact design with thick foam padding. It holds 6 yo-yos in the main compartment along with a cut-out for strings/oil, etc. Additionally it has 2 netted pockets, and 2 zippered pockets on the outside for all your accessories. Comes with a small carry handle and detachable shoulder strap. Measures approx 28cm...

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  • The Y03 Hertz was designed by Magic YoYo Team Member - Xinyu Zhang. It features a streamlined 'V' design - giving it a unique profile with various 'steps' on the gradient. The aim of this is to minimnise friction and maximise smoothness. It is fractionally lighter than average, and makes for an incredibly comfortable hold suitable for both intermediate...

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Showing 10 - 12 of 12 items