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  • Get on target for success with the Arrow by YoyoFactory. Beginner friendly tug responsive play out of the pack but a switch to the included wider bearing rapidly transforms ARROW into a finger spin capable unresponsive player! Spare wide bearing and extra string are both included in the package.

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  • The latest in the Edge signature series line-up from Evan Nagao. Edgeless has an ANTI modern competition yo-yo feel to it while still delivering amazing performance. Its 'touch appeal' is massive, you dont want to put it down. Its hollow construction builds on the SHERPA yo-yo of 2016 but delivering more modern 2019 performance. It's also a fingerspin...

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  • The Dove is a Delrin offering from YoYoFriends. It has extremely high production standards (as we have come to expect from this company), is a fantastic performer and at an amazinfgly low cost. The soft delrin gives a great feel in the hand, the finish is smooth (so fantastic for grinds) and comes complete with a fingerspin hub for fantastic fingerspin...

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  • The OVERTHROW is inspired by a great era in yo-yo design where yoyos were big, powerful and loaded with rim weight. The Overthrow features more than 50% of its total weight in the Aluminum rims which are connected to the hub by a thin wall of ultra strong polycarbonate. Once in the middle a solid metal core sets up the precision and creates ultimately a...

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  • The Spinstar is back! With a complete redesign! An incredible entry level yo-yo, no set-up required, just put the string on your finger and away you go! Perfect response for beginners, with enough spin to handle intermediate and even advanced tricks. It's winged profile lends it well to learning string tricks and is our personal recommendation to any new...

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Showing 100 - 104 of 104 items