Founded in 2003 by YoHans (Hans Van Dan Elzen), YoyoFactory designs and manufactures some of the best performing Yo-Yos in the world for professional players, World Record holders, National and World Champions - in addition, they produce some of the most popular beginner level based yo-yos on the market.

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  • YoYoFactory's very own Counterweight Ball! Attaching this ball to the end of the string allows you to perform tricks without the yo-yo attached to your finger, and opens a whole new realm of tricks! These YoYoFactory counterweights are available in array of bright colours - the white version is rubber (so great for bounce tricks), the others are plastic.

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  • The Signature model of YoYoFactory Team Member - Betty Gallegos - World Female Champion! Based on Betty's favourite originaly yo-yo, the SuperNova, the BettyNova design is slightly slimmer and it features a bit more rim weight and power at 68 grams. The added weight works really well with the weight distribution making this fast yet powerful especially if...

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  • The Czech Point Pivot is BACK! The 2021 run features a variety of different colours never seen before on the Pivot. Signature yo-yo of YoYoFactory Team Member and former European Champion - Vashek Kroutil. It features v-shape stepped profile, with delrin side caps enabling some of the easiest and smoothest fingerspins you've ever seen.

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  • The new YoYoFactory Hardcase is a structured yo-yo carrying case with a hard durable outer shell. The harder outside layer offers greater protection while comfortably fitting 6 modern yo-yos plus parts and string in a zippered pouch. Perfect for traveling with your favorite yo-yos plus the necessary parts and accessories you might need on your journey!...

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  • The mini version of the YoYoFactory Hard Case! Neatly and securely holds 2 yo-yos, plus space for spare string too! If you don't have space in your bag for a full case, but are on the road and want to keep a couple of your favourite throws with you - then this is the IDEAL storage option.

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Showing 46 - 50 of 50 items